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Thanks to Purpidy Deb and Les  of "Long Legs O'Loughlin" who along with Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Donate Life and Alex O'Loughlin German Fan Club dedicated 51 roses which were placed in the Family Circle Garden at the front of the Donate Life Float.  Their story below
Thanks to the campaign efforts of "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Donate Life" in partnership with the "Alex O'Loughlin German FanClub" and help from fansites such as "Long Legs O'Loughlin", fans from around the world dedicated 51 roses in Alex O'Loughlin's name in honor of Alex for Christmas and his birthday.
Les and I were wonderfully invited by the Director of Donate Life Hollywood, Tenaya Wallace to help place Alex's 51 roses on the Donate Life Float. Here is our story:
Much to our surprise, the weather was most cooperative and the worst of the rain storm was at home and it was only a light rain in Pasadena. Parking about a mile from the decorating tents, we bundled ourselves up and hiked our way over, getting a little lost along the way, but finally reaching the Donate Life area around 3:15, a little bit before our scheduled meet up with Tenaya at 3:30.
The whole place was huge with lots of people; a mass of Donate Life shirts. :-)
Les and I got in line for the rose placements and the nice volunteers seemed happy to see us but not sure where Alex's roses were. But lo and behold, Tenaya was found, looking lovely as usual. She found the roses and we had a few pictures taken and then it was time to stand in line to go inside.

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At last, someone comes up with the "right" awnser!

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