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  H50 - Staffel 9
50 Years of Hawaii Five-0 - Happy Birthday Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0 Casts Rochelle Aytes as Season 9 Baddie (and McGarrett's Ex!)

A little preview from season 9 premier thanks to Lenkov - H50 - AlexOLoughlin

Book ‘em Danno! Not this one tho. He’s going to the morgue. But plenty more baddies this season on #h50 Season 9 - 50th Anniversary

Zwei Bilder aus der Premierenfolge der 9. Staffel - Remake der Originalpilotfolge "Cocoon"

Ein neues Bild  - H50 Premiere - 9.Staffel

Yep!!! For those who guessed it... we’re redoing the 1968 pilot “Cocoon” for our season 9 premiere of #h50 - best way to celebrate our 50th anniversary- honoring the original and creator Leonard Freeman

Drehbeginn - klick

Say "Aloha" to your favorite task force, because will be back for Season 9! ?? - klick

  • plenkovNow I can continue my mediocre surfing career... #h50 klick

Serienjunkies - deutsch - klick