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  Segnung - Blessing - H50 - Staffel 9
Segnung/Blessing - H50 - Staffel 9

 Dienstag, den 10. Juli  18 Uhr

Auch in diesem Jahr war die Segnung leider nicht öffentlich

Billy V on Sunrise

Aloha fans! Apologies, just got back from vacation. Word is correct; Blessing and 1st day shooting is July 10 *Hawaii time*. Starts at 6:00am according to . At this time location unknown. More updates to come as available.

Thanks to for posting Shawn Garnett's IG story from the set
Repost from Kurt Jones, director of photography, on IG story.

Thanks to Wendie for sharing.

Thank you Lisa - Thanks to Brian Wallace for these videos from day 1 of season 9

scorpianmonkeyDay one of H50 Season 9 is already off to a great start. check out who else was there .

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