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  Angie auf Hawaii
Angie war im März 2016 auf Hawaii. Sie hatte das Glück Alex zu treffen. (18.03.2016)

The photos that ‪#‎H50‬ & Alex fans are the most curious to see: Alex with his biggest fan -
‪#‎Five0Redux‬ co-admin Angie.

As mentioned before, the photos were taken by the expert photographer Scotty on Wednesday morning (Hawaiian time), the day of my return to Germany where I arrived this morning (German time).
Since the entire crew and team were waiting for the boys in the Hawaii Theatre to start shooting for that day, we had to make this "meeting" kind of short and didn't talk much or take photos with the other cast members. I didn't want to keep an entire team from filming. At least, I got the photos with my favorite actor Alex - which was something I had hoped for throughout my stay „smile“-Emoticon

Aloha, Angie

Lieben Dank an Angie. Hier ihre Fanseite -

Hier Angies Bericht über ihren Aufenthalt auf Hawaii.

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