Alex O`Loughlin German FanClub

Unsere Geburtstagsaktion zu Alex`s 34. Geburtstag!

Alex O'Loughlin ist Donate Life Hollywood's Person of the Year 2010!
Wir unterstützen weiterhin Donate Life! 
Unser Fan Club hat zu Ehren von Alex an Donate Life gespendet!  
Das ist unser Geschenk an Alex
Wir haben 435 Dollar gespendet.

Vielen lieben Dank an :

Happy Birthday Alex

August 22, 2010|by Sabine Atkins, creator/editor-in-chief,
On August 24, the
German Alex O'Loughlin Fan Club celebrates the birthday of the Donate Life Ambassador, who soon can be seen back on CBS in fall's hottest new series " 
Hawaii Five-0"!
We applaud the efforts of the fan group that has made promoting organ donation a central component of their support for Alex O'Loughlin and his projects.
When Alex received the Donate Life Hollywood Person of the Year Award, he pledged to continue to be a powerful voice for raising organ donation awareness. All over the world, his fans feel inspired by him to do their part for the cause.
In lieu of birthday gifts, several members of the fan club have given a total of $435 to Donate Life and also dedicated a rose to be placed in Alex's honor on the
The motto of the float theme is "Seize the day", and we feel this is a great motto for Alex's birthday as well.
The participants in the fundraiser were:
Silke "schmeissi", Annette "AnnHart", Petralisa, Anne, Tanja, Madforalex, Akanah, Sun, Alexfan, Romy, Eva, Barbara and Sabine Atkins.
We wish Alex a very Happy Birthday, filled with everything that makes him smile and his special day unforgettable, but above all health, love and success! We can't wait to see him again on TV as Steve McGarrett in "
Hawaii Five-0", which starts Monday, September 20, 10/9c on CBS!

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