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[Text by Tinker (AnnHart) and Petralisa, translation by Sabine Atkins. The English text is below the German Original.]
Spendenaktion anstatt eines Weihnachtsgeschenkes (262 Dollar)

Inspiriert durch die Fernsehserie Three Rivers, haben wir uns vorgenommen, dieses Jahr zu Weihnachten eine Spendenaktion zugunsten von Donate Life durchzuführen. Anstatt eines Weihnachtsgeschenkes für Mr. O'Loughlin starten wir eine Spendenaktion für Donate Life, was sicher in seinem Sinne ist. Alex O'Loughlin, der über ein gewaltiges Potential verfügt, versteht sich darauf, die Zuschauer mit seiner mitfühlenden aber auch kompetenten Darstellung des Charakters Andy Yablonski (ein Herzchirug) in seinen Bann zu ziehen. O'Loughlin spielt nicht nur eine Rolle, sondern dieses Thema ist ihm sehr wichtig, da er selbst Organspender ist. Mittlerweile ist er Botschafter von Donate Life geworden. Wir vom Deutschen Alex O'Loughlin Fanclub sind der Meinung, das wir ihn in jeder Hinsicht dabei unterstützen sollten, sei es als Organspender oder Blog Verfasser um möglichst viele Leute auf dieses Thema aufmerksam zu machen. Mr. O'Loughlin es uns vorgemacht. Es ist unsere Pflicht Leben zu retten! Wir sind nicht nur Fans, sondern wir wollen etwas bewegen!

Wir wünschen Mr. O'Loughlin und allen Beteiligten ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest und viel Erfolg und Schaffenskraft für das Jahr 2010.

Inspired by the CBS TV series THREE RIVERS, we have decided to do a donation campaign for Christmas benefiting Donate Life.

On December 6, the German Alex O'Loughlin Fan Club celebrates its  one-year-anniversary - and sends a gift to Donate Life, honoring Donate  Life ambassador Alex O'Loughlin.
In 2008, the series MOONLIGHT, starring Alex O'Loughlin as vampire PI Mick St. John, aired in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The role of the charming, but tormented vampire immediately conjured up a strong following of true fans in the three German-speaking countries. And on December 6, 2008, one of the true fans, Silke "Schmeissi" (Germany) decided to found the German fan club for the tremendously charismatic and talented Australian actor.

"Alex changed my life," says Silke. Through following his career, she is not only meeting (online and in-the-flesh) other fans from all over world, she also became savvy in creating graphics, videos and a big fan club website with extremely comprehensive information about Alex O'Loughlin, his career and various fan activities.
Soon other German fans joined Silke in her efforts of making Alex O'Loughlin better known in the German-speaking areas of Europe. The fan club maintains a busy forum as well as a frequent Live Chat - and they closely work together with Australian Alex O'Loughlin fans.
The fan club deeply cares about the causes Alex O'Loughlin promotes: In the wake of fan-based Blood Drives in the US for MOONLIGHT, he became a spokesperson for the Red Cross - and the fan club participated in a European fan campaign for blood donations and financial contributions to local Red Cross/Red Crescent organizations.
Portraying brilliant heart transplant surgeon Dr. Andy Yablonski in his new CBS series THREE RIVERS, Alex O'Loughlin decided to become not only a spokesperson, but also an ambassador for the organ donation organization Donate Life America.
Deeply impressed by Alex O'Loughlin's support of organ donation, the German fan club launched a campaign which raises organ donation awareness, provides information about local organ donation organizations and about how and where to register as an organ donor. This campaign goes on indefinitely.
Also, members of the fan club, Tinker (AnnHart) and Petralisa, regularly contribute articles and images to the "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Donate Life"-Blog.
On its birthday, however, the German Alex O'Loughlin Fan Club plans something special, a Christmas gift to say how thankful the members are to him for bringing so much joy into their lives with his excellent work, be it as an actor or as a supporter of great causes: The fan club will make financial contributions directly to Donate Life America in Alex O'Loughlin's honor.
"We want to support Alex as ambassador for Donate Life," says Silke. "Because organ donation is such a very important subject. We live in Germany, but we want to send our financial contributions directly to Donate Life - to show what a great impact Alex's work for Donate Life makes worldwide." She continues: "Because Alex portrays a heart transplant surgeon, he does a wonderful job at conveying how difficult it is for donors, recipients and doctors to deal with situations where
the stakes are so high. Alex definitely started a whole new awareness for organ donation."
Silke became a registered organ donor and continuously wants to raise greater awareness for organ donation.
Here is the fan club's information (in German) about the special anniversary Christmas gift for Alex O'Loughlin:


 Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to the German Alex O'Loughlin Fan Club!
Merry Christmas to Alex O'Loughlin and Donate Life America - Thank you for all your wonderful work!

[Text and image by Tinker (AnnHart) and Petralisa, translation by Sabine Atkins. The German original is below the English text.]

It's that time of year again

Again a year has passed! Much too fast, we think. But this time we look back at a year which was full of experiences and inspiration.

Full of experiences means that lives have changed for some of us - and we have learned that it is not just about us and our problems in this world.

Last year we all didn't know each other. But then our connections grew stronger, and we became a team, not a very big team, but resilient and ready for action.

Inspired by the series "Three Rivers" and its cast, we understood that there are things in this world which demand our attention.
Not our own egos are important, rather it is important to take a closer look at the lives of others. We learned, through the series "Three Rivers", about a topic which we haven't thought about deeply enough before: Organ donation.
In the meantime, several of us registered as organ donors. We thank lead actor of "Three Rivers", Alex O'Loughlin, whose career we are following now for quite some time.
We feel honored, even though the series was shelved due to low ratings, to continue to work on the organ donation project, and we will continue to strongly support Alex O'Loughlin.
Alex O'Loughlin, who himself is a registered organ donor, has become an Ambassador for the organization Donate Life America.
Now we are much more aware of what happens around us. And we see people near us who are touched by organ donation: A friend of ours, also a member of our fan club, urgently needs a new liver.
Let us review this year, which taught us to walk with open eyes through life. And sentences like "Safe lives" and "A second chance is a powerful thing" have become our mottos.
Hey gang, thanks for all your cooperation! It was a great year.
Thank you, Alex, for the inspiration through your TV show and your dedication to raising awareness for organ donation. You have achieved so much! Also in 2010, we will be by your side!
We hope the next year will be dedicated to organ donation as well.
We wish all the ones touched by organ donation, everyone involved and their families a blessed Holiday Season and a prosperous new year.

The Members of the German Alex O'Loughlin Fan Club

--------------- German Original Text ---------------------

Alle Jahre wieder

Wieder ist ein Jahr vergangen! Viel zu schnell, wenn ihr uns fragt.
Doch dieses mal blicken wir auf ein Jahr zurück, daß für uns sehr erfahrungsreich und inspirierend war.
Erfahrungsreich bedeutet, daß sich das Leben für einige von uns geändert hat, und wir gelernt haben, daß es nicht nur uns und unsere eigenen Probleme auf dieser Welt gibt.
Letztes Jahr kannten wir uns alle noch nicht. Doch mittlerweile sind wir
zu einem Team zusammen gewachsen, das zwar nicht groß, aber stark und entschlossen
ist. Inspiriert durch die Serie Three Rivers und deren Darsteller haben wir erkannt, daß es Dinge auf dieser Welt gibt, die unsere Aufmerksamkeit fordern.
Nicht das eigene Ego ist das wichtigste, sondern es gilt hinzuschauen.
Wir erfuhren durch die Serie Three Rivers von einem Thema, mit dem wir uns vorher
noch nie auseinandergesetzt haben: das Thema Organspende. Mittlerweile sind mehere von uns zu Organspendern geworden.
Unser Dank gebührt Alex O'Loughlin, dem Hauptdarsteller von Three Rivers, den wir schon eine Weile als Fans begleiten.
Es ist uns eine Ehre, auch nach Einstellung der Serie aufgrund schlechter Einschaltquoten, weiter für das Projekt Organspende zu arbeiten und Mr. O'Loughlin tatkräftig zu unterstützen.
Alex O`Loughlin, selbst Organspender, ist mittlerweile Botschafter für die Organisation Donate Life America geworden. Wir gehen jetzt aufmerksamer durch die Welt und auf einmal sehen wir Menschen in unserem näheren Umfeld, die unmittelbar vom Thema Organspende betroffen sind.
Eine Freundin von uns, sie ist Mitglied in unserem Fanclub, benötigt dringend ein Spenderorgan.
Laßt uns auf ein Jahr zurückblicken, indem wir gelernt haben mit offenen Augen durchs Leben zu gehen.
Und Sätze wie: "Rettet Leben" und "A second chance is a powerful thing" sind für uns zum Leitfaden geworden.
Hey Gang, danke für die Zusammenarbeit! Es war ein tolles Jahr.
Danke Alex, für die Inspiration durch Deine Serie und Deinen Einsatz für Organspende. Deine Arbeit hat sich gelohnt!
Wir werdern auch 2010 an Deiner Seite sein!
Wir hoffen, daß auch das nächste Jahr ganz im Zeichen der Organspende stehen wird!
Wir wünschen allen Betroffenen und Beteiligten und ihren Familien ein
gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest und viel Erfolg für das kommende Jahr

 Die Mitglieder des Deutschen Alex O'Loughlin Fan Club
Hier eine Mail von Donate Life an Anette als Dankeschön für die Spende!

In lieu of Christmas presents for Alex O'Loughlin, we have started a donation campaign for Donate Life. We feel this is something he would be very happy about.
Alex O'Loughlin, who has a tremendous potential, knows how to capture his viewers with his compassionate but also competent portayal of the character Andy Yablonski (a heart transplant surgeon). Alex O'Loughlin doesn't just play a role, this subject is very important to him, because he himself is an organ donor. Recently, he has become an Ambassador for Donate Life.
We, the members of the German Alex O'Loughlin Fan Club, believe that we should support him as much as we can, be it as organ donors or blog authors, to make as many people as possible aware of this cause.
Alex O'Loughlin shows us how to help. We want to save lives! We are not only fans, we want to be proactive!
We wish Alex O'Loughlin and all participants a blessed Christmas as well as a prosperous 2010.
700 North 4th St.

Richmond, VA  23219


Dear Ms. H

On behalf of Donate Life America, please accept our sincere thank-you for your generous contribution in honor of Alex O’Loughlin.  Notification of your gift has been sent to Mr. O’Loughlin.  It is through contributions and donations such as this that Donate Life America can continue to educate the public about organ and tissue donation.

Donate Life America, formerly, Coalition on Donation assists in mobilizing the transplant community to educate the American public on the need for organ and tissue donation and motivating the public to commit to donation.  Donate Life America publishes brochures, program kits and other materials; provides technical assistance, training, and information and referral services; and coordinates the National Campaign for Organ and Tissue Donation.  Donate Life America is comprised of national organizational members, each with a commitment to increasing organ and tissue donation, and local chapters across the United States who coordinate donation related activities at the local level.  Volunteer advertising agencies work with Donate Life America and its committees to develop targeted campaigns to motivate the public to commit to donation.

Our national members and 49 local chapters across the United States have joined together to address the critical shortage of organs and tissues available for transplantation in this country.  Donate Life America’s mission is to ensure that every individual in the United States understands the need for organ and tissue donation and accepts donation as a fundamental human responsibility.

Together with our local affiliates and national members, Donate Life America manages a national media campaign that encourages Americans to decide to be organ and tissue donors and to communicate their commitment to their families so their wishes can be carried out.  In addition, our local affiliates work with volunteers in their communities to effectively communicate our lifesaving message.

If you have not already done so you can read more about donation as well as indicate your wish to be a donor from our website,  To read more about donation click on “Understanding Donation.”  To indicate your wish to be a donor click on “Commit to Donation.”  

Thank you for your support.  This gift will aid us in closing the ever-widening gap between organ and tissue donors and patients waiting for a transplant.
Helen W. Bottenfield


Donate Life America

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