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  Alex führt Regie-Autor in Staffel 10
Alex führt wieder Regie und ist Autor - Spoiler!

Thank you to Peter Lenkov."plenkov
We tried to keep it a secret. We failed ?  H50 shot some scenes in LA for an upcoming epic episode written and directed by our superstar Alex O !! Hope you have plenty of tissues at the ready! Season 10 officially starts in a couple weeks. Mahalo to everyone who got us to Season X"
Wir haben versucht, es geheim zu halten. Wir haben versagt ?  H50 hat ein paar Szenen in LA für eine kommende Epische Episode gedreht, die von unserem Superstar Alex' O geschrieben wurde!! Ich hoffe, ihr habt jede Menge Taschentücher als Vorbereitung! Die Saison 10 startet offiziell in ein paar Wochen. Mahalo an alle, die uns zur Saison 10 gebracht haben "

Thank you to Jilly - "yukonjill
Regrann @h50_pics2 Alex and Kurt Jones. Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Filming"

Thank you to Jilly
Regrann @h50_pics2 Hawaii Five-0 Season 10. Alex was showing the extras how to handle the rifle"

Thank you to Jack Taufer
These awesome people. I got to watch the filming of @hawaiifive0cbs The set and production was INCREDIBLE! Congrats to Alex on writing and directing this."

Im Hintergrund ist Alex .
Thank you David Terry

Thank you to Kurt Jones.

Thank you to Adrian Salas.
Thank you @hawaiifive0cbs amazing cast and crew for giving me the experience of a life time to be apart of one of the scene and network. Stay tuned for the new season of Hawaii FIVE-O? Can any of you guess who I had the privilege of working with."

Thank you to Ricardo Soltero.

Thank you to erns .
Alex Directing Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 at Plaza Mexico, Lynwood, CA from H50_pics2


Marc #marcamcclellan read Episode 1 to me last night like a Bed Time Story...a reeeeeeally Good Bed Time Story ... audiences are in for an Amazing Mind-Blowing Treat on Sept 27th!! No reveals or hints ... sssshhhhhh

 Privatvorführung von Episode 10.07. H50 - Episode geschrieben und inszeniert von Alex. (Thank you to Lisa.)…/status/1175328448090464256…

Mahalo @beulahkoale for performing the Haka for us with Alex last night ??....Chicken Skin! #h50#hawaiifive0#juniorreigns#alexoloughlin Private Screening of Season 10 episode written & directed by Alex

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