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  Alex führt Regie-Autor in Staffel 10
Alex führt wieder Regie und ist Autor - Spoiler!

Thank you to Lisa.

Behind the Scenes with Alex O'Loughlin - klick


Thank you to Peter Lenkov."plenkov
We tried to keep it a secret. We failed ?  H50 shot some scenes in LA for an upcoming epic episode written and directed by our superstar Alex O !! Hope you have plenty of tissues at the ready! Season 10 officially starts in a couple weeks. Mahalo to everyone who got us to Season X"
Wir haben versucht, es geheim zu halten. Wir haben versagt ?  H50 hat ein paar Szenen in LA für eine kommende Epische Episode gedreht, die von unserem Superstar Alex' O geschrieben wurde!! Ich hoffe, ihr habt jede Menge Taschentücher als Vorbereitung! Die Saison 10 startet offiziell in ein paar Wochen. Mahalo an alle, die uns zur Saison 10 gebracht haben "

Thank you to Jilly - "yukonjill
Regrann @h50_pics2 Alex and Kurt Jones. Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Filming"

Thank you to Jilly
Regrann @h50_pics2 Hawaii Five-0 Season 10. Alex was showing the extras how to handle the rifle"

Thank you to Jack Taufer
These awesome people. I got to watch the filming of @hawaiifive0cbs The set and production was INCREDIBLE! Congrats to Alex on writing and directing this."

Im Hintergrund ist Alex .
Thank you David Terry

Thank you to Kurt Jones.

Thank you to Adrian Salas.
Thank you @hawaiifive0cbs amazing cast and crew for giving me the experience of a life time to be apart of one of the scene and network. Stay tuned for the new season of Hawaii FIVE-O? Can any of you guess who I had the privilege of working with."

Thank you to Ricardo Soltero.

Thank you to erns .
Alex Directing Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 at Plaza Mexico, Lynwood, CA from H50_pics2


Marc #marcamcclellan read Episode 1 to me last night like a Bed Time Story...a reeeeeeally Good Bed Time Story ... audiences are in for an Amazing Mind-Blowing Treat on Sept 27th!! No reveals or hints ... sssshhhhhh

 Privatvorführung von Episode 10.07. H50 - Episode geschrieben und inszeniert von Alex. (Thank you to Lisa.)…/status/1175328448090464256…

Mahalo @beulahkoale for performing the Haka for us with Alex last night ??....Chicken Skin! #h50#hawaiifive0#juniorreigns#alexoloughlin Private Screening of Season 10 episode written & directed by Alex

Thank you to
Here’s some cool behind the scenes photos of the episode I was on that Alex O’Loughlin wrote and directed! I was so fortunate to be in this episode and that my locations family allowed me to do it! This episode was made like a feature film in 8 days! Such a beautiful departure in form from the series. Alex was precise in his direction and I’m sure there’s an immense amount of pressure that comes from writing directing and starring in the show. This was his Mel Gibson Braveheart moment. ANd Mel didn’t write Braveheart. Fun fact: Alex said he spent his entire hiatus writing this episode. That’s the thing that audiences don’t see. The sacrifice, the hard work, the vision and persistence. Not only by him and the cast and crew but the family’s. I mean he had to ignore his family time to make it. All for the sake of art. I really respect that. Art is like an itch that you gave to scratch. You can’t explain it. You don’t “want” to do it. You “have” to. To live! Once again all my thanks and aloha goes to Eric Norris, Paul Lacovera and Laura Albert and of course Alex for casting me! And of course Amira, Ian , Alex Sundquist, Devin and Tai for covering for me. And the rest of the crew for supporting me! I love my five o fam till I die! Blessings to you all! And big ups to all my stunt fam in this episode who murdered it! And or got murdered lol!

Some of our favorite #BehindTheScenes photos of Alex directing the last episode of #H50. ?? What did you think of the episode?

Hinter den Kulissen - Thanks to Shane for sharing!

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