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  Wrap - H50 - Staffel 10
Wrap - H50 - Staffel 10 -  Goodbye Hawaii Five-0

Love you always my Five-0 ohana! Mahalo nui loa. Aloha a hui hou.

 Well.... that’s a wrap??❤️

Ian, Beulah and Kimee. Love these guys and gal. Great actors and even greater people. Honor to work with them. Ohana forever.

Such a great cast and awesome crew

2padlhi #Wrap

10/10 will miss

McGarrett in the really true last shoot of Five O !

Dear Five-Ohana,
With my deepest gratitude thank you all for tuning in for the past ten years. You are the source of our success. Thank you for your laughter, tears and dedication. Thank you for welcoming Lou Grover into your homes and embracing The Grovers as part of the Five-0 universe. I’ll miss you as much as you’ll miss the entire Five-0 family. It’s been my honor. Roll to the wave, baby. Roll to the wave.


@hawaiifive0cbs @cbstvstudios . Thank you ??. God bless. #RunItStraight

With some of my gang on my last day of work on this great show called
#hawaiifive0 ?

It’s been a good run! 10 seasons of Hawaii Five-0 and we just got the news today that this is the last one ?it’s got some people in their feelings ? see y’all on the next one

Today was one of the toughest yet. After battling with the flu for nearly a week, I mustered up the energy and made my way into work because I didn't want to miss our last studio day of the season. My heart was utterly broken to find out that this will be Hawaii 5 0's final season. Joining the show, I had no idea how much I'd fall in love with not only this job but all the amazing Hawaii 5 0 ohana that have made me feel right at home. I am so thankful for all the memories in my short time on the show. Even though I had to leave work early today as my lingering illness got the best of me, I am hopeful to see everyone again soon so I can properly say "until next time" (not a fan of goodbyes). ❤ 

Laura and I have been so overwhelmed by the outpouring of aloha over the past few days. Your kind words and thoughts have moved us both to tears. There are no words that can adequately express our love and appreciation for all of you given us.
No matter where our journeys take us you always be in our hearts for, over the last 10 years, we have truly beome.ohana.
Television shows come and go but Aloha and Ohana live forever. Keep aloha in your heart and the spirit of Hawaii Five-0 will continue to burn bright. May the wave roll forever.

@hawaiifive0cbs @plenkov Cast and Crew: Congratulations on 10 incredible seasons! Thank you for the honor and joy of playing
#WoFat Mahalo and much aloha! ??❤️??

Last #H50 callsheet. Scotch & Cigar time. 10 years. You went way too fast. Aloha.

As the sun sets on filming of Hawaii Five-0 today, I wanted say something poignant. But then I realized that there are NO words that can describe what living here is like. What the people are like. What my family’s life has become because of my friends, my Ohana on the island. So I will just say mahalo to @plenkov and @bryspy45 for bringing me here to shoot this show. I finish the series having shot 36 episodes. The most of all 9 DPs that lensed this series. Proud of the work, I will share some of my favorite images from my time here over the next few weeks leading up to the series finale. Aloha and Mahalo #H50

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I’ve already gone through a lot of feelings, but the one that I keep coming back to is GRATITUDE. When I made the decision to move back home to Hawaii in 2012 I NEVER IMAGINED that I would get to be a regular role on a prime time TV show. It didn’t even cross my mind. I started teaching at some private schools, I started some creative stuffs, I started directing theatre, and I kept my head and heart focused on all of these projects. I loved it! I was happy to be home with my husband and my family. Everything felt right. When I booked the role of Noelani on @hawaiifive0cbs in Season 7...I couldn’t believe it! I was so thankful for the opportunity. “Three episodes?! Wow!” Three episodes turned into eleven...turned into a series regular...turned into a crossover character on @magnumpicbs...turned into me learning how to surf and my parents being on the show? Hawaii Five-0 gave all of us endless amounts of moments that we NEVER expected and will treasure forever. Am I sad? Of course. But not because I’m losing a “job,” but because I will never see this exact team together again. What we had was special. What I learned was priceless. And what we brought to the local entertainment industry was magical. I will miss ALL of these people like crazy. TRULY. We really have the best team both on and off camera. I know I post a lot, but the photos and clips I’ve shared these past 4 seasons will never truly explain the support I felt on that H50 stage. This show not only provided me with a dream job with a dream team, but it allowed me to do what I really love doing: CREATING HERE IN HAWAII. I will be forever grateful for that. The show has 3 more days to shoot, but yesterday was my last day❤️ I’m so glad I got the chance to share my feelings with my #H50 Family because I love them all SO MUCH. There are too many people to thank and I need some time to figure out my words, so expect A LOT of personal shout outs from me in the next month??‍♀️ Thank you to everyone that reached out. I appreciate it, but don’t worry about me. I’m still EXACTLY where I need to be. Doing all the things I love for a community that I will NEVER stop working for. MUCH LOVE to you all?

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