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  H50 wraps Season 8
H50 wraps Season 8

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"Happy Season 8 Wrap Day" from Kimee Balmilero on her instagram story.

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Season 8 is wrap. Congratulations to all the hard-working cast and crew for a job well done. And mahalo to all your wonderful fans who have made this season so special and successful. We return this week with an episode featuring the directorial debut of Alex. Hope you will join us. The ride is going to exciting.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Wrap Party! Super fun! #h50 #peterlenkov

Looks Like The Crew Is Celebrating Season 8 With A Wrap Party! Here’s A Little Sneak Peek Of The Bloopers! From IG Story!

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Wonderful Season 8 wrap party. Great to see the cast and crew having such a wonderful time. Very heartfelt speech by Peter. Nice to have time to chat with Rachel Sutton our Hawaii casting director who does so much to give our local actors a chance at various roles. Really appreciste her hard work and commitment to Hawaii. And always fun to hang with Kimee. Truly a special evening.

Hawaii Five-O Season 8 Wrap Video #1 By: Moku Ribuca

Hawaii Five-O Season 8 Wrap Video #2 By: Moku Ribuca

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