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  Hinter den Kulissen H50 - Staffel 8
Hinter den Kulissen H50 - Staffel 8

Alex führt Regie. Episode. 8.18 - H50
Thank you to NinjAloha50 - mehr hier

Thank you to
kaeleeehoward  - Hawaii Isla 808 - shortysmama68 - Joe Gizzarelli - djcox15 - ryanimal47 - jeffreys808

hat an absolute legend Alex O'Loughlin is! Got to watch him on set of Hawaii 5-0 today... Incredible to see how humble the guy is. Treating everyone on the set as if they were family. He even drove me home after he wrapped for the day!


instantangie@ayamlp enjoyed her day visiting some friends on the set of #h50klick

Thanks to Makani Kai Helicopters !Our accountant, Donna, a huge fan of Alex O'Loughlin, always felt left out when the Hawaii Five-0 crew filmed scenes at Makani Kai because she never got to see the man. Alex passed through Makani Kai yesterday and he made time to say hello to Donna and pose with her. Why is his face streaked with blood? "Traffic was brutal," he quipped.

 Danke an Kelly für's Teilen!

Fan-Foto mit Taylor Wily Danke an 'emhine'!

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